PAT testing questions answered

Is PAT Testing the law?

No. It is a statutory requirement – electrical regulations currently in force in the UK put a responsibility of “due care” on the duty holder ie. Employer, landlord etc. to ensure that their electrical appliances are safe. PAT testing is an effective way to ensure that you comply with those regulations.

What equipment is covered?

Generally speaking, all equipment fitted with a standard BS1363 plug is covered. This includes PCs, kettles, irons, televisions, toasters, microwaves, power tools, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc. More specifically, The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (napit) define a portable appliance as ‘any electrical item which can or is intended, to be moved whilst connected to an electrical supply.

Are fixed items, cookers, hand dryers etc. included in PAT testing?

Fixed items do need to be tested. Generally, testing is carried out at a reduced frequency than portable items. Bpat can test these items for you either at the fused spur or at the fuse board/consumer unit. If your items have not been tested by your current PAT testing company then you are not completely covered. Solution? Call the experts – Call Bpat!

Do I really need those big ugly stickers on my new equipment?

Yes and No. All equipment needs to be labelled to ensure it can be uniquely identified in the test results. However, at Bpat we only use the highest quality, discreet labels, applied to the mains cable wherever possible, plus we always remove your old labels.

Does my equipment need to be switched off for the test?

Yes. It is impossible to carry out a PAT test with the unit switched on. The test invariably involves a thorough inspection of the mains plug and fuse, which is impossible to do without switching the unit off. Bpat offer out of hours testing at no extra cost. This is an ideal solution for your IT equipment which needs to stay on during office hours.

How long will testing take?

This depends on the type of equipment and the nature of your business amongst other factors. Around 20-30 tests per hour is the average.

Could the test damage my equipment?

Potentially, Yes! Modern test equipment is capable of testing at high currents and voltages. Applying the wrong test to your equipment could cause irreparable damage. That is why all Bpat’s engineers are fully qualified to the relevant City & Guilds standards and are covered by £5 million public liability insurance.

What hidden extras could I be charged for?

Bpat’s per-test pricing includes almost everything needed for typical appliance testing. This includes test reports, labels, minor repairs and re-tests, replacement plugs, fuses etc. Additionally, our engineers carry a number of spare leads, extension cables etc. meaning that should a similar item be beyond repair, we can replace them at your discretion and at reasonable cost, saving you downtime and inconvenient trips to the hardware store!

What will I receive after the testing?

All test results and certificates will be emailed to you in .PDF format within 48 Hours or sooner if needed. This details the item tested, location, unique serial number and test results. A CD ROM or plastic Hardbound copy can be supplied at no extra cost. Bpat can also supply excel format results for those wishing to asset manage their equipment.

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